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What We Do



Becker Media ensures your marketing has distinguishable elements that gives you consistency and credibility that results in more students and increased marketshare.


Media Buying

Our buyers have negotiated for Toyota, Disney, HBO, Sun Microsystems, Visa International, Microsoft, Coors Brewing, and many others. They leverage this experience and combine it with Direct Response buying tactics to ensure success for your campaign. Not only do we get the lowest media rates, we incorporate the most effective strategies which result in the lowest cost-per-leads and the lowest cost-per-starts.your organization.



Becker Media specializes in creative that looks great and gets results. We know the best creative gets the most leads and the lowest cost-per-starts. Our creative maintains proven direct response tactics that have worked for decades.



Becker utilizes all the latest syndicated research to allow us to pinpoint your target market and ensure all your media dollars are allocated in the most efficient manner. Becker also conducts extensive in-school research one-on-one with your students. We work hard to identify what’s different about your school and attempt to utilize this feedback into a compelling marketing theme that resonates with students. Becker conducts thorough Focus Groups and Student Surveys that informs the creative and media plans for your school.


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